Here at Prestige Detailing Dubai we treate your car like our own. As
leaders in the industry we can professionally bring your car back
into showroom condition with our tailored detailing services. Using
a full range of world leading car detailing products and highly trained
technicians we are able to produce outstanding results to ensure
your car is looking its best.

Nano Ceramic Protection

P1 Nanotechnology manufacutres the world most advanced nano ceramic coatings. Protect your car with the best ceramic protection available. P1 Nanotechnology is engineered in the UK  and a leading  brand that offers unrivalled protection, durability & enhancement for your car. Offering unrivalled protection for your vehicle’s Paintwork, Wheels, Glass, Plastics & rubbers, Carpets and leather.

Benefits of P1 Nanotechnology Black Quartz 10H :

✓ Protects against contaminants, oxidation, weathering and corrosion & more
✓ Protects against extreme temperatures
✓ Protects against paint staining(bugs, bird droppings etc)
✓ Protects against swirl marks and light scratches by upto 75%
✓ Protects against UV rays
✓ Provides amazing hydrophobic effect
✓ Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
✓ Prooduces a lasting mirror like shine
✓ Car stays cleaner for longer
✓ Adds value to your vehicle

                       “Good Service is Good Business…”

Leather Cleaning & Repairing

Leather is a delicate and exotic material that requires specialized cleaners and conditioners car leather of today’s automobiles are very different than the car leathers used in the cars of the past. Car leather care and cleaning is an art and must be done with the required skill and equipment. Getting professional results is what we aim for . We have the right products and tools. Most importantly we have the strategic techniques, to get your cars leather back to what is was like when you bought the car …soft supple and smelling like a new car !

Visit us for a Free estimate to Get the seats looking new !

we also carry our leather rejuvenation , leather moisturesation saddle soap treatment and leather colonising

Headliner cloth and interior repairs

We are able to offer solutuions for all kinds of interior fabric
and upholstery repairs including roof lining, door panels,
dashboards and more

Professional paint and dent repairs

We are able to offer solutuions for all kinds of interior fabric
and upholstery repairs including roof lining, door panels,
dashboards and more


What We Do

We do all kinds of Alloy Wheel reconditioning. We repair buckled, bent, scratched and discolored Alloy Wheel Rims. Bored of the silver colored standard Alloy Wheel Rim that came with the car – no problem at crystal shine we can change the color of wheel Rim to match your style in all colors. We carry out all alloy wheel rim refurbishment and repairs.
Gloss mirror black to shiny red all done at our purpose built alloy wheel repair center. The alloy wheel rim refurbishment repair is our specialty. We provide alloy wheel repair, alloy wheel refurbishment, alloy wheel clean and polish, chrome polish, aluminum alloy wheel repair, alloy wheel restoration, alloy wheel scuff repair, kerb damage and alloy wheel cracks. We are your local Alloy Wheel Specialist in Dubai off the Sheikh Zayed Road for all alloy wheel rim refurbishments.


The strong, beautiful and sculpted lines of a great alloy wheel design can be such eye candy and those wheels can make your car seem more expensive than it may be. Yet, it doesn’t take much to damage them. Scrapes and scuff marks from kerbing (rubbing against the kerb when attempting a close parking maneuver), discoloration from exposure to the elements, and actual deformation from impact with large potholes (or a careless repairman’s tire prybar), can take away a lot of those good looks. Alloy wheel damage happens to the best drivers in Dubai, and it can be unsightly. We refurbish all alloy wheels, reconditioning, Diamond cut and painted all to factory finish.


When we look at any wheel that has any kind of damage, scratches or deformation, everyone gets ready for a five-hour job. The wheel is first taken off the car, and placed in a chemical bath that removes the shiny paint and coatings and exposes the bare metal. Experts then carefully go over the wheel to check for possible cracks that may compromise the safety and reliability of the wheel. If there are bends or deformations, an expert tinkering crew attacks the problem, and then sends the wheel over to the finishing people. The finishers put the wheel through a high-pressure washing system, dry it, recheck it, prime it, fill it, paint it in an environment free of dust and moisture, bake it at temperatures close to 250°F, and then buff it. This is the kind of treatment that gives you results indistinguishable from the real thing. We can repair diamond cut alloy wheels to chrome and aluminum. If you don’t want your friends around Dubai to see you drive around on patched-up wheels, you want to give your wheels the treatment there’s no better or safer choice out there for all alloy wheel rim refurbishment.

Our Other Services
Our other range of services:

  1. Ceramic Paint Protection
  2. Headliner Roof Cloth Replacement
  3. Interior Clean and Seat Shampoo
  4. Scratch and Dent Repairs
  5. Car Leather Seats Cleaning and Repair
  6. Detailing and Polishing
  7. Smell / Odour Removal
  8. Luxury Car Wash
  9. Cement / Tar Removal
  10. Paintless Dent Repair
  11. Windscreen stone Chip Repair
  12. 3M Tint Films
  13. Alloy Wheel Repair
  14. Hygienic Clean